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Get Dolled-Up In Your Wedding With Heavy Bridal Jewellery Designs

Bridal jewellery is the most important part of a bride’s look at any wedding. There are infinite options available for it like beautiful gold jewellery, Artificial Jewellery, Silver Jewellery, Imitation Jewellery and many more in the market. Every girl visualizes her wedding day look. Dolled-up in beautiful bridal jewellery with a pretty lehenga is a dream of every bride. A lot of thought comes to mind when choosing bridal jewellery and in the latest trends, Customized Jewellery has become the first choice of brides.


We all know that different people have different choices in things. Therefore, we have tailored different types of bridal jewellery for every kind of bride. So get ready soon-to-be brides here is a list of the most exquisite bridal jewellery for you.

Bridal Jewellery Necklace Designs

When it comes to bridal jewellery necklace designs there are a lot of options available. The most important part of bridal jewellery is the necklace. The neckpiece is considered the center of attraction of the bride’s outfit; nobody can take his/her eye out of that.

Kundan Necklace

Kundan jewellery is the oldest and most famous traditional jewellery that is adorned for a long time. In this jewellery piece, the gold and gemstones are elaborated together. It is a perfect piece of jewellery for a bride who wants a heavy necklace on her D-day. There are a lot of options available for Kundan Necklace Sets Online at many jewellery stores. You can check out the latest design of Bridal Kundan Jewellery Online.

Meenakari Necklace

The meenakari necklaces are one of the most famous and favorite bridal necklace jewellery in India. This jewellery is considered the representation of loyalty, love and purity. This necklace is a good option for brides who are looking for a more traditional look. Instead of a real meenakari necklace, you can opt for Meenakari Imitation Jewellery also as it is budget-friendly with no security issues.

Rani Haar

Rani haar is considered the symbol of royalty. It is paired up with other necklaces and enhances the look of the bride’s wedding outfit.

Bridal Jewellery Rings

When it comes to bridal jewellery rings, brides can choose from a variety of options. There are a lot of options available from gold, silver, and imitation to Artificial Rings Online. If you are a bride who wants to wear something traditional you can choose meenakari rings. There are many options of Meenakari Rings Online available on different jewellery websites. And if you want something traditional with the latest trend you can search for a Kundan Ring Online In India and will get many options.

Bridal Jewellery Earrings

When it comes to bridal jewellery it is incomplete without a beautiful pair of earrings. There are many options present online for earrings like chandbali, jhumkas, danglers, etc. in every metal. Not only for occasions you can opt for Artificial Earrings For Weddings also. These come in a variety of options in every design and pattern.

Conclusive Statement

Get dolled up your wedding look with this jewellery guide. For more jewellery options you can visit our online jewellery site Ciero Jewels. Here you will get the best collection of meenakari jewellery like meenakari earrings, Meenakari Rings Online, etc.


Why Do Brides Prefer Imitation Jewellery Rather Than Real Jewellery?

Brides are preferring Imitation Jewellery rather than real jewellery because it comes on budget and provides them with a lot of jewellery options.

Why Do Brides Choose Customized Jewellery Options?

Brides choose personalized jewellery options so that they can make their jewellery according to their requirements and preference.

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Beautiful Bracelet For Women That Suits Every Occasion Without Any Hassles

Whether it is a traditional or western look, bracelets always add elegance to your look. Some women love wearing bangles while some women love wearing bracelets because they are more lightweight than bangles, they are easy to carry and they do not make sounds, which makes them perfect for styling formally.


There is a wide range of bracelets available in Imitation Jewellery. Amaze yourself with the affordable Silver Jewellery at Ciero Jewels. Our fashion jewellery is crafted in exquisite workmanship to make you feel like a queen.

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Reasons Why People Love Bracelets

  • The main reason why people like the bracelets most is that bracelet is unisex jewellery. Bracelets can be worn by men and women both so bracelets have more consumers than any other Customized Jewellery.
  • Bracelets look more fashionable than bangles, and they are suitable for every Occasion. you can style your bracelets with your formal outfit as well as there are traditional bracelets available for your traditional outfits.
  • Bracelets are lightweight and easy to carry and can be worn every day.
  • Bracelets are affordable and pocket friendly. So it attracts more customers.
  • It is a great option for gifting because they are size free and affordable.

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Various Styles Of Bracelets

There are various styles of bracelets available especially in Artificial Jewellery Online. The different styles of bracelets are catching buyers’ attention. 
  • Regular Bracelets- These bracelets are most commonly used by women who love classic designs, these bracelets are best for daily formal wear, they keep your look subtle and simple but still trendy.
  • Charm Bracelets- These bracelets are famous among youngsters. Young girls love to style it with their casual outfits. It gives your look a funky touch, and the little charms in these bracelets attract young buyers.
  • Flexible Bracelets- Flexible bracelets can be used by anyone. These bracelets are size free and stretchable. They are available in various designs that can be used by anyone.
  • Traditional Bracelets- These bracelets are perfect for any traditional Occasion. They are easy to style with the ethenic outfit. They are perfect for those who avoid wearing Occasional Bangles.

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Artificial Traditional Jewellery

People are avoiding wearing expensive traditional jewellery because of their price hikes. So they are switching to artificial jewellery. And the good thing about these is that they are easily available online. Imitation Jewellery Online India has a vast variety of Traditional jewellery. People are getting more attracted to jewellery like Occasional Necklaces and Occasional Earrings. Buyers are also trying new designs in Occasional Nose Ring and Occasional Rings. Buying Traditional Gold Jewellery online is more comfortable than going to store shopping, and it also helps buyers to improve their fashion styles.
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Embracing The Beauty Of Temple Jewellery

Temple Jewellery is made in various forms of God and goddess designs embedded with precious gemstones like diamond, ruby, pearl, meenakari, and Kundan. This type of jewellery is typically worn in South India but nowadays it is gaining popularity in pan India. It is considered vintage jewellery. South Indian brides embrace themselves with kanjivaram silk sarees paired with Temple Gold Jewellery.

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Temple jewellery is said to have originated in the 9th century during Chola Dynasty and Pandya dynasty. In the early days, the jewellery was made with the intention to be offered to the gods and donated to temples. But jewellers got inspired by dancing images of gods and goddesses, and they started imitating them in jewellery which later became a religious sentiment. As the name suggests temple jewellery is designed using motifs of God and goddess in the temple. Commonly, the jewellery is made in gold, but Imitation Jewellery designs of temple jewellery are also available.

The jewellery artist takes inspiration from the temple sculptures, idols, and illustrations to make these intricate designs. Temple jewellery has a variety of ornamental pieces: earrings, long necklaces, small necklaces, big pendant sets, bangles, bracelets.

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The most common motifs used in Artificial Jewellery are from deities, temple roofs, sculptures etc. and mostly goddess Laxmi and other female goddesses are designed in the jewellery. Earlier these ornaments were crafted purely by hands but with advancement of technology some of the procedures are done with the help of machines like finishing and then polishing reducing the total time of making the pieces.
Temple jewellery is designed commonly in waves, birds, royal figures, sitting goddess Laxmi and are available from nose ring to chokers, armbands, waistbands, bracelets and other big Silver Jewellery pieces to get that classic and traditional look.

Although temple jewellery is worn by south Indian brides with their beautiful kanjivaram sari, it is not compulsory to wear these ornaments on a sari. There are a lot of ways you can pair temple jewellery with western dresses.

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You can choose to wear black gowns with a temple necklace to attain that indo western look. Pair a white colour suit with a shirt with a long pendant and a ring. Try not to get a piece of temple jewellery that is studded with rubies or any other coloured stone for your modern look.

You can buy Beautiful Temple Design Long Earrings Online At Ciero Jewels to pair with western or off shoulder dresses. For that elegant traditional look, you can pair your silk sari with long sitting goddesses’ necklace and small earrings. That's it you are ready to attend a marriage ceremony or baby shower. These days it’s not necessary to buy temple jewellery in gold. Ciero Jewels offers a wide range of Customized Jewellery, and imitation jewellery in temple jewellery designs that you can buy online for any occasion.

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Here Is How To Style Your Antique Jewellery

It is an age-old tradition to pass on your family jewellery to the next generation. Some of the pieces are rare to find these days. Looking at your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding album you might be obsessing over their beauty and the jewellery they are wearing. Antique means something old and valuable.


So, antique jewellery is Customized Jewellery that is 100 years old. They don’t have much shine like new gold ornaments. Antique jewellery is costly because it is difficult to find genuine old pieces of jewellery. Here are some ideas to style your antique Silver Jewellery with your outfit.

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Antique rings are mostly big in size so they will give you a royal look if you wear them on your left index finger or ring finger. The sheen is on the lower side if we talk about antique jewellery. If the shape of your ring is geometrical and is small in size, wear it on your index finger and if it is a traditional round big ring wear it on the middle finger.


Antique bracelets have a peacock shape on their top and they are bulky as compared to new bracelets. They are studded with precious gemstones in gold. Try not to wear them with a long-sleeved dress or blouse otherwise, they will get hidden below the sleeve. Antique bracelets are statement ornaments. You can wear them on any occasion with a saree, Anarkali suit, and skirts with shirt tops.


Antique necklaces are versatile jewellery sets. They accentuate your personality and the richness of the attire you are wearing. Antique Gold Jewellery is famous in south Indian temple jewellery. There are antique harams, heavy god and goddess lockets with chains, and heavy antique necklaces with Traditional Jewellery l patterns like a peacock, elephants, lotus, and goddess. You can wear them with your traditional kanjivaram silk or banarsi silk sarees with peacock, Lord Krishna or lotus prints.

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Antique earrings are designed with studded rubies and emeralds. In antique temple Imitation Jewellery, earrings, the motifs and designs used are heavy looking but some of them are actually light weighted. The top is flower-shaped and the drops are of goddess Laxmi, lotus or small bell-shaped hangings with small pearls beaded at the edges. If the earrings are heavy then you can wear them alone with yours tied in a bun. You can consider wearing long necklaces with it.


Antique bangles are a great add-on to your look. They enhance the overall look of your jewellery. They are made with multi colour studded gemstones, floral, dancing and sitting goddesses’ motifs on them. If you want a classic yet traditional look, then wear them with your favourite saree, skirts, Anarkali or dress.
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Plan On How Much To Spend On Engagement Rings? Learn In 15 Minutes

Engagement Rings are the symbol of love and the bond between two soulmates. Two people exchange rings in engagement to show their commitment to each other. The ring is all about expressing your love, feelings and emotions towards your partner. The diamond ring is every girl’s desire.


But most people don’t have an idea of how much to spend on their engagement rings. Before buying one, you need to know everything about diamonds, their shape, type and their respective price. After that, you will be able to decide how much to spend on diamond rings. This article will give you an overview of the diamond and its pricing.

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Types Of Diamond

Diamond is a natural gemstone that possesses precious clarity and the toughest craftsmanship. So, the prices vary for diamond rings. They are categorised as type la, type lb, type 1aB, type lla, and type llb. Further, they are recognised based on shapes: princess cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, pear-shaped cut, oval diamonds, baguette, and round. The clarity factors of diamond also contribute to its pricing and these factors are size, number, position, nature, and colour.

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Types Of Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond is the hardest and most beautiful stone existing on earth. These solitaire stones offer a variety of options for Engagement Rings and then you can choose the right one according to your budget and preference. Typically diamond rings are simple and are made with solitaires. The most commonly made diamond rings are:
  • Pave Engagement Rings
  • Solitaire Engagement Rings
  • Sidestone Engagement Rings
  • Three Stone Engagement Rings
  • Halo Engagement Rings
  • Vintage Engagement Rings.

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How To Shop Effectively For Engagement Rings?

  • Before buying the diamond ring gather all the related information. If you have a type or style in mind already, then compare the prices. With advanced technology, you can look for and buy Online Engagement Rings. Check the store authenticity because there are places that sell Artificial Rings Online.
  • Get a general pricing idea of the precious rings and save monthly according to that range.
  • If the diamond ring is going out of budget, then you can consider buying 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery. These days diamond-studded silver rings are also trending.
  • Stick to your budget. Don’t get overboard with society or emotions. Be realistic.
  • Buying a diamond ring needs financial planning. So along with the diamond ring budget, set aside some parts for wedding and after-wedding life.
  • Visit jewellers to get the idea of the types of diamonds available locally, what will be the setting of the diamond in the rings, how many diamonds you are planning to place in your diamond ring, and what will be the size and clarity. As natural diamonds are more expensive than lab-made diamonds.

Wrapping up the discussion, it is important to research and do financial planning before buying the Engagement Rings. You can buy authentic Engagement Rings by Ciero Jewels. The store is holding beautiful designs with purity and clarity for your special day. For your wedding, you can choose 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery or you can Buy Meenakari Earrings Online at Ciero Jewels for your bride. The online store offers a variety of jewellery options like Customized Jewellery, Imitation Jewellery, Silver Jewellery and Artificial Jewellery Online.

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Daily Wear Rings To Elevate Your Work And Casual Outfits

Every person who is interested in jewellery loves wearing rings. Rings define your class and style statement. A classy statement ring is enough alone to enhance your beauty. Most people wear their wedding rings every day. There are so many options available for rings that will confuse you about what to choose and what not.

If you want to choose a ring to elevate your outfit then you should focus on some factors that will help you to enhance your look. You can also choose Imitation Jewellery for everyday use. They are affordable and look exactly like authentic jewellery.

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Things To Remember Before Buying A Ring

There are some points that you should keep in mind while looking for a daily wear ring. that will help you to choose the perfect ring for every day. If you are choosing rings for a wedding or engagement then these points will help you to find the right ring.
  • Always choose the right size for your ring, and measure your finger with the help of a measuring tape.
  • Choose the metal that suits your skin well, some metals react with your skin and that can trouble you for a long time.
  • Try to avoid a stone-studded ring for your daily wear. After some time the missing stone from your ring will catch your attention.
  • Try to avoid designs that have sharp edges for your ring.
  • Always take your partner with you before choosing your ring.

If you will follow these rules then it will help you to choose the perfect ring for your partner. Silver jewellery, such as rings, necklaces and earrings are always in fashion. It is difficult to imagine an Indian woman without jewellery.

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Rings That Elevate Your Look

There are many styles and designs available for rings to enhance your personality. If you are looking for a style that will give a little dramatic look. If you love traditional rings then there are many options available in Kundan Ring Online. Other options in traditional ring options in Cz Rings Online are available online. Plain bands made of 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery also look elegant for daily office wear. If you are more into a boho look then Silver Jewellery will emphasise your casual look.

Affordable Gold Jewellery Online

You will find a wide range of Artificial Jewellery Online, online artificial jewellery is more affordable and easy to style. You can also choose Customized Jewellery for more options. Gold Plated Diamond Earring and Diamond Nose Rings Online are a good option if you are looking for affordable jewellery for every day.

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With Our Unique Promises Of Customization, You Can Make Your Look Truly Stand Out

These days people are loving the idea of Customized Jewellery. These styles are the centre of attraction for people these days because who does not want to flaunt their unique taste and style, Customized Jewellery makes you stand out from the crowd.


There are many online websites available for Artificial Jewellery, but only few are known for their collection of Customized Jewellery, and even a few make customized jewellery that is designed by the buyer.

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Customized Jewellery By Ciero Jewels

If you are also among the people who always get swayed by beautiful jewellery pieces then Ciero Jewels are the perfect place for you. They have a wide collection of artificial jewellery online, they are also known for their Customized Silver Jewellery and Customized Gold Jewellery that can be styled by you at any time and on any occasion. We are known for our stylish Customized Jewellery and Artificial Kundan Necklace Sets to enhance your beauty and make you stand out.

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Jewellery For Every Occasion

Ciero jewellery has a wide collection of Imitation jewellery for every occasion. From officewear to jewellery for weddings and festive occasions. Our jewellery is affordable and looks elegant when you carry them. We also have a wide range of 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery and CZ diamond jewellery.

If you are looking for heavy pieces of Artificial Earrings For A Wedding then we also have many options available in Artificial Kundan jewellery and meenakari jewellery in Indian fashion jewellery.

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What Is The Different Variety Of Imitation Jewellery?

Different varieties of Imitation Jewellery are earrings, neckwear, small pendant, bracelets, rings, bangles, brooches, anklets and nose rings.

Which Metal Is Used For Making Artificial Jewellery?

Artificial jewellery can be made with any metal you like, but it is mostly made with Silver, 925 Sterling Silver, copper, nickel, and brass.

What Is Customized Jewellery?

Customized Jewellery is usually unique, people who like to style or design their jewellery pieces that are different from others and one-of-a-kind. These jewellery pieces are usually made only for the buyer who designed them.

What Kind Of Jewellery Can Be Styled With Office Wear?

If you are looking for Gold Jewellery that can be worn for the office or workplace then you should go for the minimal jewellery type. Minimal jewellery is perfect for your workplace, studded small ear tops with matching small pendants will give you an elegant look, if you like wearing rings that a statement ring will also work as a wonder for you. You can also go for bracelets. But remember to never style them all together.

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925 Silver Jewellery That Never Goes Unnoticed! Be Seen Like Never Before

Jewellery is something that never goes out of fashion. Women were and women will love jewellery. Jewellery enhances beauty so people love to style them according to their conditions. 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery is the most used material for jewellery because it is easy to make jewellery on sterling silver and it is also affordable for everyone.


Silver Jewellery has different options available in nose rings, bangles, earrings, and necklaces. 925 Silver Jewellery is easy to style with any kind of outfit whether it is an Indian, western or formal outfit. This is the reason why 925 Silver Jewellery is always in demand.

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Jewellery That Never Goes Unnoticed

Here are some beautiful jewellery styles that never go unnoticed.

If you are busy and can not afford to go to stores for jewellery shopping then you can also buy Silver Jewellery Online. Online shopping for jewellery is safe and also has so many options for Customized Jewellery, Gold Jewellery.

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Other Options For Artificial Jewellery Online

Indian fashion jewellery has a wide range of artificial jewellery 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery and Meenakari Jewellery Online. Online jewellery has increased the rate of consumers, it also increased the reach of people and availability of jewellery.

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Who Can Use 925 Silver Jewellery?

925 Silver Jewellery has many jewellery options and categories for men, women, and kids so These ornaments can be used by anyone.

Can You Suggest Some Earrings For Formal Outfits?

If you are looking for earrings that match your formal outfit then you can try some CZ diamond-studded ear tops, pearl ear tops or silver ear hoops. These jewellery are lightweight and look elegant with formal wear.

Can I Wear Designer Silver Jewellery Every Day?

Wearing sterling silver jewellery is good for everyday use but you should avoid water, bleach or any chemical, sterling jewellery gets tarnished easily.
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Why Is Online Shopping A Preferred Choice?

Online shopping has become a necessity for the new generation. Online shopping has increased the reach of the products to people in distant places. You can purchase a variety of products online. With the exponential growth in online shopping, many traditional traders also opened their e-commerce websites. Online shopping has numerous advantages, some of them are as follows.

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Ciero Jewels is an exclusive Indian jewellery store, offering the finest assortment of artificial jewellery online. Ciero Jewels is your one stop destination for all your Artificial Jewellery needs. With a wide range of artificial jewellery, you can buy different types of earrings, necklaces, rings and many more from the comfort of your home.

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Benefits Of Online Shopping

  • It Saves Time:- It saves time that you might have wasted in traffic or by hopping from one store to another for one product. In online shopping, you can access multiple shops at one place for one product and you can compare prices.
  • Environment Friendly:- It gives you an e-receipt of your purchase. E-receipt means getting an invoice online and not on paper. It is a paperless option which is good for the environment.
  • It Saves Transportation Expenses:- Since you are shopping online then you don’t have to go out and travel. In offline shopping, you have to either go by public transport or by your personal vehicle. This involves petrol, food, and parking expenses. With online mode, you can skip these expenses.
  • The Prices Are Reasonable:- As compared to offline shopping, the prices are low on e-commerce websites. There are no middleman cuts. You get products directly from manufacturers and sellers.
  • It Is Available 24/7:- One of the biggest advantages of online shopping is that you can shop anytime you want. People’s lives have become so busy that they hardly find time for themselves. It gives you the liberty of shopping at your convenience. You don’t have to wait for shops to open or a holiday from the office.
  • No Queues And Crowds:- In online shopping, you don’t have to wait in long queues for your turn. There are no crowds and no pushing. You can just add your products to the cart and purchase them in online shopping.
  • Variety Of Products Available:- There is a wide range of products available online from which you can choose. Now you can Buy Diamond Rings Online In India. What else do we want? There are many jewellery shops going online and selling their products. You can Buy Customized Jewellery and other Cheap Jewellery Online. There are good options available in Indian Imitation Jewellery.
  • Easy To Send Gifts:- It's easy to send gifts to friends and family who are living away from home. You don’t have to be there physically to give gifts.
  • Customer Reviews:- You will find customer reviews on online products. With the help of reviews, you can choose to buy better products.
  • Better Sales And Coupons Are Available:- In online shopping, you get more sales over festivals and different occasions. With your online shopping, you get coupons also for your next purchase.
Silver jewellery, such as rings, necklaces and earrings are always in fashion. It is difficult to imagine an Indian woman without jewellery. Buy Womens Designer Jewellery Online, Gold Jewellery in India at CieroJewels. Shop for Latest Designer Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bangles, Pendants, Mangalsutra, Bracelets, Nose Pin, Armlets,etc.

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Owning A Diamond Earrings Studs By Make A Style Statement

Diamond Earrings Studs are always the first love of men and women because they are elegant and stylish and promise to fit in every outfit or any kind of apparel. Further, this timeless accessory has also attracted many celebrities such as Kanye West, and Johnny Depp. Nowadays many people are investing in single beautifully cut stud Diamond earrings.

They are understanding of gold and silver settings, platinum which indicate the wealth and class of a person. Further, you can also get close to knowing how traditional Diamond stud earrings are generating waves in all generations all over the world.

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New Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

Sometimes you just want an earring which is having a little more pop for weekly days or you can try something new which is having a different Diamond shape or a setting which can be a trillion Diamond stud, or a Baguette Diamond stud. If you want to go with an effortless check look, these studs can help you go for an everyday look because they are smaller in size and you can wear them easily.

Ciero Jewels designers have been enthused by these unique Diamond shapes and have created pieces that become popular with a timeless design element. Further, they have also offered Imitation Jewellery Online, Artificial Jewellery, and Indian Fashion Jewellery.

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Diamond Earrings For Any Occasion

A pair of Diamond Earrings Studs can make your celebration and occasion more memorable and beautiful because it is a brilliant piece of Gold Jewellery which provides Grace to the occasion and to outfit which you can wear on anniversary, marriage or birthday parties etc.

You can gift it to someone special to adorn themselves. Buying Diamond stud earrings will add a special addition to your Silver Jewellery collection. For this, you don’t have to wait for any special occasion, you can wear them on a daily basis as well according to your outfits and casual look.

Benefits Of Owning Diamond Stud Earrings

There is a certain benefit if you buy diamond earring studs from Ciero jewels because it provides a variety of options and designs from which you can choose. Further, it offers Artificial Jewellery, Indian Fashion Jewellery, and Customised Jewellery. Certain other benefits of owning diamond stud earrings are that you can gift them to your loved ones because they last forever and this will create your value as well.

Nowadays women and girls both love diamonds, so you can gift them by showing your concern for them. Further, Diamond is regarded as the strongest Rock which you can ever purchase. You don’t need to handle it every time it gets damaged. You can also trust them as they don’t lose their Shine by that period.

How To Buy Diamond Earring Studs Correctly

First of all, to buy Diamond earrings you need to set a budget which should be a series from $200 to $35000. It is liable for the features or size. Then choose a metal type and colour. This is the most significant feature when you are looking to buy Diamond Earrings. The metal colour can be rose gold, yellow gold, platinum or white gold.

Select the setting style, there are numerous setting styles depending on the style of your diamond. Using the right setting results in enhancing the enthusiastic and unique look of your stud earrings. The last is matching stone, it is more significant to look for a perfect match of stones while constructing your diamond earring stud.


Where To Find The Best Diamond Earring Stud?

You can go to ciero jewels to choose the best Diamond stud earrings because they have a variety of options or designs from which you can choose according to your outfit without any trouble.

How To Choose The Best Between The Different Styles Of Stud Earrings?

It is to first see metal choice and durability, lightweight Palladium or everlasting gold. The main thing is to measure the superiority of moveable diamonds in your earrings.
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